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There Are 72 Different Ways to Get Students Back to School. We Need One Good One.

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I wrote an article in Medium outlining recommendations that the various stakeholders in the Ontario Education System (ministry, school boards, educators & caregivers) need to take into consideration as they plan their return to school plans this summer.

Autism Ontario is also conducting a survey right now for caregivers to provide input to the recommendations that they will be making to the Ministry of Education and school boards for the safe and successful return to school.

I thank all of you who participated in the Special Education Pandemic Distance Learning Survey I launched in the Spring. The full report will be available shortly this July.

It is important for every parent to reach out to their school boards, and their MPPs to press on the importance of planning, and consultations with parents and each board’s Special Education Advisory Committee’s (SEAC) before making plans firm this summer. I am concerned that many school boards have no intention of having their SEACs meet this summer to review Return to School plans. We experienced a spring with little to no planning, and we can’t experience a Fall with the same reactive planning. Our children deserve better.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer, as strange and different as it might be. I do look forward, with some concerns, to our students returning to schooling in the fall.

Keep Safe.

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