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Nomination Day is Tomorrow – December 12th

It has been a great experience getting to know members of the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston riding association as we prepare to vote in the nomination contest.

We’ve had two good candidates meetings this past week, and had a lot of questions thrown our way, and I think we’ve been able to establish ourselves with our answers, and with our plans to run in this riding in June 2022.

We’ve also had some good local media coverage. Frontenac News wrote a good profile called Maddy Dever – Rolling into the provincial campaign, and Hometown News covered me in these articles: Carleton Place resident Maddy Dever seeks provincial Green Party nomination, MPP Randy Hillier to head new, Ontario First Party, Lanark County sees sudden rush of LGBT+ candidates during nomination season

Whichever way things go tomorrow, I am committed to continuing to raise the issues of the environment, of affordability, accessibility and sustainability until we see these change for the better!

I am looking forward to tomorrow, June 2, 2022, and beyond representing the needs and concerns of the residents of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. My next post will share my final speech to voting members of the party. I hope I can have your vote, and your trust.



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